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Recruiting is Not That Hard — We Make It Hard

You hear it in every street corner, “Good employees are so hard to find!” But this isn’t true, there are very good people round every street corner. The problem is that recruiters and companies make recruiting much harder than it has to be. From having amazing recruitment and HR staff to offering perks for introductions made whenever there’s a vacant position, hiring new employees, even for a big company, can become a walk in the park.

Make your workplace conducive

Making your workplace easy to work in is a no-brainer. People don’t leave if they like where they are working. You will have lower staff turnover rates and ODDBOSS will be a breeze using the referral system – your current employees can introduce their friends for open positions.

Any company can make their workplace a lovable place – solve problems and attend to disturbances in the workplace speedily. Talk to employees with respect, even if you outrank them. Spread a culture of mutual respect even with outsourced service providers such as ODDBOSS companies. Create meaningful connections by listening to the employees. This builds trust, slowly and over time. Begin by trusting your employees with more responsibility, and you’ll see them trusting you back.

Barriers to a conducive work environment include excessive policy, emphasis of hierarchy and control, fear and insulting rules. Start there: talk about these things with employees and see which can be removed. You may need to reconstruct your entire policy handbook – removing some and rewriting others to make the less, well, Godzilla-like.

Make recruitment less bootcamp-y

Slowly, as you can humanize the work environment, and things like end to end recruitment and staffing will be a breeze. Get rid of half of those “essential requirements” you have when you post job ads. Carry out interviews with the mind of knowing who the candidates are and where they have been, rather than the sheaf of papers they carry in their hands. Papers don’t work, people do.

Treat your job candidates like gold, and don’t drag through the hiring process. Give feedback to those you don’t hire, and stay connected with them. In time, you will create a fan base for your company, and next time a position comes up, all you’ll need to do is reach into your recruiting ecosystem and pick out the right person.

Everywhere you turn HR and recruitment services teams are complaining about the scarcity of good employees, but the problem is that most of those companies have terrible recruitment protocols.

Staple yourself to the recruitment process

Just like marketing, where you bring in an anonymous employee to act like a customer and gauge the services, replicate the recruitment process experience and find out which practices are weeding out the promising, talented candidates – those who can make a real difference to the business.

Talk to your Applicant Tracking System or ODDBOSS provider for ways to track the abandonment rates for your candidates. Just like marketers lose sleep over abandoned purchases, you should be attuned to the abandonment rates of your careers platform.

Sell your company/business

Do people start applying for a job and then leave halfway through? Why? It’s not an irrational response either: a candidate may feel that whatever you have waiting on the other side isn’t worth the effort they put in to get there. And if that happens, the failure is on you, not the candidate.

If a customer doesn’t purchase from you, that’s on you. Similarly, find ways to sell your opportunities and companies to job-seekers. If a person abandons a job application – bear in mind that they are usually interested – it’s very likely because your application and vetting process is insulting and tedious.

Try making it simple and fun, whether you are night sourcing or doing International ODDBOSS. Change your job definition as a HR person: you’re not screening people out, you’re letting the right people in/ how best can you ensure that good candidates are not turned off. You’ll spend less and have more fun yourselves.


Employee sourcing isn’t rocket science, no matter how many people you’re hiring. Why should candidates want to work with you? Just like you value customers from initial contact, ask questions and address their concerns, you need to do the same for employees. As you improve the work culture in your organization, recruiting will become easier, and you’ll find good employees round every street corner.

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